Healthy Relationship - Harmonious Life

We usually think of ourselves as the most matured people of all until we get into a marriage or a serious relationship. I, for one, believe that making or breaking of a relationship is more or less in our own hands.

Needless to say, maturity humanity and affection happen to be the key words for a healthy relationship.

Marriages might have been made in heaven but they take place in this very earth. So fantasies apart, you should be very practical when it comes to real life relationships.

The amount of effort put in determines the health of the relationship. A healthy relationship promises a harmonious life.

Since we all come from different backgrounds our values and opinions are bound to be different from each other. When we enter in a relationship these differences create problems.

You should look for a way to make your differences (with your partner) complimentary and not conflicting. Initially, a relationship always feels effortlessly exiting.

However, after spending a period of time together couples actually come to know each other’s lacuna and habits and that is when the real need for effort and compromise arises.

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For a healthy relationship it is always advisable to build a strong foundation as early as possible. For a healthy relationship it is very essential to notice and convey that you appreciate and respect each other.

You should try to encourage each others interests and also discover mutual interests. One other important thing that counts is accepting any mistake that you might have made and apologizing for the same. You should never let your ego come in the way.

To disagree is very normal in any relationship. In fact if they are argued upon constructively they make the relationship stronger. Anger, sadness and tension are inevitable in any relationship.

The reason for the same could be many such as unreasonable expectations, lack of communication, work stress and lack of time for each other, addictions, unreasonable behavior, mistrust, etc.

To resolve conflict as the above you should be completely honest and willing to give an ear to what your partner has to say even if you don’t fully agree to it. The most important thing in any relationship for that matter is proper and ample of communication.

Healthy communication is very essential for a healthy relationship. Discussing and taking joint decisions about important matters such as family, kids, career, sex and marriage is also important.

You should be able to make each other comfortable enough to express your wants and needs freely without any reluctance or pretence.

Often, knowingly or unknowingly, we expect our partner to change according to our will. Instead we should try to accept each other the way we are.

You should also acknowledge your partner’s rights and respect his/her personality, friends, activities and opinions. It would not be realistic to

Insist that you partner should have the same priorities as you.

Just like our body needs food to keep functioning, our relationships also need constant efforts and compromises so as to stay healthy.

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