Dating Rules-Keys To Success

As a parent, you will be the best friend to give appropriate dating rules to your teenage child. These are some rules that your children need to know before they begin dating.

Teenage is a stage where your children are trying to develop their own personality. Teens will normally be asserting for their independence and at stage they start rebelling against whatever you tell them. Giving proper guidance and support will help them to act responsibly and it will also safeguard them from any harm.

Dating Age

Dating age is different from boys and girls since the girls mature or reach their puberty faster than boys. Parents tend to be more protective about their daughters in their teenage days because they fear for their safety. Every child is brought up with different culture and standards. Some of the teens will be ready to date at the age of thirteen.

When your child spends hours in front of the mirror, it is quite a clear indication for you that your teenage child is ready to go on date. If the teens are seeking frequent compliments on their appearance, it means that they have started taking interest in the opposite sex.

Deadline for the child to get back home

Getting back home in time is an important factor in dating rules. This is the area where parents face most resistance from their teens. Sometimes teens want to go on a date and stay out for the entire night. Parents have to decide the appropriate time for their teens to return home from their dates. If your child is just beginning to date, then it is better to ask them not to stay out beyond 10:30pm.

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Parents should ensure that the deadline is being met in the initial dating stages. Parents should wait until the teen gets home and make sure that they are not coming after the deadline. If they come after the deadline, you will need to penalize them in some manner so that they do not forget. This will make them to follow the dating rules next times when they go out.

Always make sure that your sons or daughters do not find themselves in a dangerous situation and therefore you will need to pass on some experience to them.

Money Issue

Money is also a major factor in lives of the teenagers and you'll need to make sure that your child is going to spend out of his or her own allowance for the dating. If the parent is giving the money, there should be a limit because understanding the value of money is also important for the teenagers. Let the teens to decide to go for a film or discotheque.

Dating rules

If you are a girl make sure that you look always great with gorgeous hair and some lipstick. You are a woman so you have the advantage. You don't have to give wrong information. Always make brief dates. You should always make sure that you stay in good shape.

Let your boy friend pay the bills and this is a common factor in dating rules. Make sure that your boy friend gives you flowers. Never allow him to make sex until you know him very much. Sex can ruin your dating game.

Make your boyfriend to wait and never turn up early. You should be a good kisser otherwise men will walk away from you. Don't try to talk about your ex boyfriend, and this will be the most important one in dating rules.

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