Sex On The First Date

Both men and women have totally different outlooks on sex when it comes to dating. Women have always been the ones who take tto heart.

They are very sensitive, mothering creatures by nature so it is only natural that they feel more involved with the relationship when sex gets involved. Men on the other hand have a different point of view on the subject.

Most men will not turn down sex on the first date but it has been shown that men will look at the girl differently if she "puts out" on the first date.

Most men that have been interviewed on this subject through various television shows and magazines state that they feel different about a woman after they have sex early on in the relationship.

They went on to say that women who were easy to get into bed, were the women that they left on the sidelines when it came time to choosing someone for a long term relationship.

Women of course do not see things this way and genuinely seem shocked when they are dumped after the first few months into the relationship.

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Sure both mend and women love sex, but when looking for a lasting relationship, sex on the first date is apparently not the way to go.

If you are just looking for someone to date and you are not looking for something long term, then by all means indulge in some extra activities together. It is a mutual decision so no one will get hurt and neither party will expect anything more.

It is amazing that men and women see the whole dating scene so differently. Men who sleep around are just frowned upon as being "dogs". They do not get the social title of "being easy". Turn the tables and let a women sleep around and no one wants her for a serious relationship.

She gets called cheap. Society can be cruel when they judge people so be sure that you know what you want and take your dating serious. Keep the other persons feeling in mind and be sure that you both are on the same page where you stand on relationship issues.

If you find that you are looking for a lasting relationship then you need to try to refrain from having sex early on in the relationship. You want to build a bond between the two of you that doesn't revolve around sex.

Taking the sex out of the picture lets the two of you get closer together as friends before lovers. This helps a man bond with the woman and helps him to see her as someone that he would like to be with in the long run not just a quick roll in the hay.

Dating doesn't have to be a hands off kind of deal but use caution to avoid getting hurt in the long run. Keep the lines of communication open and be honest. You will have the relationship that you want without any of the extra baggage.

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