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Penis Enlargement Device FAQ

What is the basic principle behind enlargement with traction?
The traction principle is very simple. You are applying constant but slight pressure to the penis. This application of pressure stretches the penis to a greater length. At the same time the cells and such inside the penile tissue are starting to divide and in doing so they are becoming larger. The more the traction is applied the more room for the cells to divide and become even larger. This is the same principle used by ancient tribes in the enlargement of various body parts.

What is the penis made of? Will traction make it grow?
The penis is made up of soft, pliable tissue. There are no bones or muscles in the penis. Because the tissue is so pliable it is a great area of the body to respond well to traction based enlargement.

How much of an increase can I expect with the device?
On average users of the penis enlargement device have realized about 1.5 inches of increase. This differs based on bodily chemistry, proper usage, and other factors.

Will these results be permanent?
Yes. Unlike other methods, the results that are achieved with the penis enlargement device are permanent. As the length and girth are increased through traction more cells will grow larger and divide creating the extended length and girth.

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Does the device cause penis thinning?
No. The penis enlargement device actually causes the penis to get thicker and not thinner. Unlike some dangerous methods, like weight hanging, the device will work on the whole of the penis not just one area.

Will I experience any side effects?
There are no side effects that will be had with the penis enlargement device. You will have full use of the penis and can continue with life normally.

I have a large penis, can I still use the device?
Yes. The penis enlargement device is approved for use by those who have all penis sizes. It will help to increase the size, both length and girth, no matter how large or small you are.

Will results continue to appear as long as I wear the device?
As long as you maintain the treatment you will see the results. When you stop then the penis will stop growing.

I have heard that I should not get an erection while wearing the device. Is that true?
No, that is false. If you achieve an erection while wearing the device one of two things will happen. One, the device will adjust to the erection and continue normally or two, the device will simply slid off the penis head.

I have Peyronie's Disease, will the device help me?
Yes it will. The penis enlargement device has been approved to aid in the straightening of curvature of the penis by up to 70%.

Is there any medical or scientific evidence to support the claims made by these companies?
Yes there is. Several companies have conducted both clinical and medical trials and the results have been very positive.

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