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How Penis Enlargement Devices Work?

The proven penis enlargement devices currently on the market are all Type 1 medical devices. They have been developed with the highest medical standards and are actually based on an ancient principle. 

The principle is traction, which has been used for thousands of years in the are of tissue expansion. This is where the basic concept for the penis enlargement devices came from.

If you look through the medical history you will see that tissue expansion, like that which is used for penis enlargement, has been widely used by doctors. Most often this practice has been used for burn victims to help them regenerate skin where it has been lost.

The same is true through the historical presence of tribal factions that have placed great importance on enlarged body parts. This was done to the lips, ears and even the neck.

The penis enlargement devices make use of this same principle. As the device is worn it applies pressure to the penis. The penis itself is made up of tissue that is easily expanded, which allows for erections to occur, and when pressure is applied through traction it will start to grow.

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The traction method is not one time only. It is done over a period of time which then allows for permanent results to appear. The more the device is worn the more the penis will grow over time.

It is important to note that this process is one that will happen over extended periods of time. This allows the penis to become accustomed to the new size. Anything but time based traction will result in non-permanent results.

Furthermore, the combination of the penis enlargement device with exercise, pills or patches will encourage a faster rate of growth. The combined efforts allow for more blood to flow to the penis, bringing about faster healing and better acclimation to the process.

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