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Dear visitor, welcome to our review site. Weíre here to provide the best possible solution for all the frustration, insecurity and guilt you have been experiencing due to under sized penis. Now with our help you can achieve penis growth and live a normal life like anybody else. You donít have to live with the doubts about not satisfying your partner. 

Luckily you reached the right place to know the real facts which is undeniable yet know all the necessary information and legitimate solution for the under size penis. All your embarrassment and frustration will be put to rest and your search for an appropriate solution to improve your sex life will soon be over. 

We provide you the most reliable and accurate information about X4labs. All your questions relating to MaleEdge device such as does this product work? Does it produce the desired results? Whether it is comfortable using compared to other products will be answered here. Our comprehensive review of the MaleEdgte product will give you an idea about what to expect and whether it is worth buying.

We are not an advertisement site who post biased information for profit. We publish only the unbiased and real facts in our sites. In case of any queries please write to us. Weíll help you the best possible way.

Top 5 Penis Devices Comparison Chart:


X4 Labs



U. S.


2-3 inches 2-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches
Comfort Mechanism 58 Way 58 Way No No No
Multi Angle Approach Yes No No No No
Backed By Doctors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Outstanding Excellent Good Average Average
Organisation  Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Average Average
Quality Of Products Superior Superior Good Average Average
Additional Bonuses Yes Yes No No No
Guarantee 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days
Detailed Review Read Read Read Read Read
Website Go There Go There Go There Go There Go There

* Results vary by how long you use your preferred brand of penis extender, your health, and genetic limitations.

What Results Can I Achieve With MaleEdge Device?

Add up to 1-3 inches in erect length & girth
Increase self confidence
Control exactly when you ejaculate
Improve blood circulation
Harder erections
Improvement in penis health and bigger penis head
Straightening of the penis

Double sex drive and stamina

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What Results Can You Expect?

Please note that results may vary for each individual. The results shown below are based on the feedbacks we received from customers who have tried out the MaleEdge Device.

Week One Through Week Four

In this period you should be able to adjust well to the traction of the device and also form a perfect schedule to use it. Youíll be able to notice the increase in penis length. This would surely reflect in better sexual performance and also the volume of semen. In short this period will give you more pleasure by prolonged erection and ultimate orgasms.

In this crucial period youíll learn how to control your ejaculation till the last movement and handle your partner well. The confidence is there to be seen.

Week Four Through Week Twelve

This is the period in which the increase in penis size is more visible and also measurable. This is the phase when you need to expand your MaleEdge extender to the maximum benefit in order to accommodate the increase of sex organ. To know more about how you can adjust the device safely, please refer the manual. 

You can witness that your penis can now stand longer than ever before. This product is very useful in turning a curved penis into a straighter one. One day you can surely achieve a healthier, longer, thicker and yet more stronger penis and make your dream come to life.

Week Thirteen And Beyond

All your determination and patience that you have shown in the past weeks will show its results in this period. You have finally achieved that 3 inch increase in length and large penis head which is a permanent growth. 

The benefits of having a bigger penis head are so many. It will make your partner go wild each time you push the penis head into the vagina. It fills up her entire vagina and makes her moan in pleasure. It is something you could never have hoped with an under sized penis.

Now your erection is much stronger and harder. This would also results in increase in sex drive and also rise your confidence sky high. The other great result of this device is a permanent straightening of the sex organ that you have finally achieved. 

You have changed your sex life into a heaven with an increase penis size. Congradulations.

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MaleEdge Device Company Address


MaleEdge Device Review


Many people around the world are falling pray to under sized penis disorder. This is affecting the relationship much more than people thought it would. Many assume that the penis size doesnít play a big role in a relationship. However, you need to know the real facts before jumping to such conclusions. 

A product is set to change all this. Male edge is a penis enhancer used not just for increasing the penis size but also for straightening the sex organ. There is no need for you to keep suffering in your life because of an under sized penis. With the help of this product now you can live a happy sex life like anybody else.

Over the years the male edge penis enlargement device has proved to be the life saver for many as they have successfully transformed their under sized penis into a monster. There is no reason why you canít achieve it. Lets understand what this product has in store for you.


Unlike other products / methods in the market which are simply hyped by the manufacturers for their own gains this product in contrast produces amazing results consistently. The product adopts simple traction method to straighten the sex organ which also results in permanent penis growth. 

In this process a penis is steadily stretched to the shaft that would encourage the tissue cells to divide themselves and multiply to form a longer and thick penis. This process is also known as cytokinesis. 

It has proved to be the most successful method in encouraging the growth in the new tissues along the length and breadth of the sex organ. You can find the results as early as second month. The male edge penis enlarger will be helpful in resulting an increase of penis size by up to 2-3 inches in a short period of time.

The product is one of the safest in the industry since it is approved by the medical associations and institutes. The product does not have any side effects and therefore is very popular among the users. It is the proven and tested method which is sure to produce results. There is no hidden secret here. 

The procedure, duration and all other factors are explained here and therefore it becomes very easy for you to make a right decision. 


You might have tried many products in the market that promise to produce results but disappointed you. May be you have lost plenty of dollars behind such products but hasnít found any results. Now the time has come for you to make the right choice and bring in the right changes. 

Male edge penis enhancer is known for the assured results and this is evident with their money back guarantee policy. You can claim this policy in case you arenít satisfied with the results. The confidence of the manufacturer really speaks out here. 

Male edge could be that product that can change your sex life forever. Make the right chose today to see the difference.

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More Details

MaleEdge extension device

How Does The MaleEdge Device Works?

How Does It Works?

Photo Snapshots Of MaleEdge Device


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What We Like About MaleEdge Device?

Medical backing
Money back guarantee

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Why MaleEdge Device Is A Better And Safer Option?

MaleEdge device vs penis enlargement pumps
MaleEdge device vs penis weight hangings
MaleEdge device vs cheap penis enlargement devices
MaleEdge device vs penis enlargement surgeries
MaleEdge device vs penis enlargement creams and lotions

Why MaleEdge Device Is An Alternative?

Enlargement Devices Size
Overall User Rating Rated #1 Rated #2 Rated #3 Rated #4 Alternative
Size Gain 2-3 inches 2-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches
Doctor Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comfort Mechanism Included Included No No No
Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Poor Poor
Support Outstanding Excellent Very Good Poor Poor
Bonuses Yes Yes No No No
Read Review Read Read Read Read Read
 Visit Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit site

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Your Guarantee And Here's How You Can Save Money

MaleEdge Device comes with a Risk Free, Full 6 Months Money-Back Guarantee!, 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee! So you can have a peace of mind while taking action to achieve the penis size you always wanted.

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How Can I Become A Better Man With MaleEdge Device?

Greater sexual confidence
Rock hard erections
Enlarged penis head
Turbo charge your sex life
Increase your penis girth
Control your orgasms
Increase your penis length

And many more

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Dream Big And You Are Definitely To Achieve It

Vimax Extender ReviewWe understand all the difficulty and trouble involved in making a right decision in your quest to enlarge your penis. It is the main reason why weíre here to help you.

We provide you the comprehensive information about MaleEdge device to make you understand the product well and make a wise decision. This will in turn help you save a lot of time upfront and in fact devote that time towards enhancing the penis. 

Here weíre not discussing about the business propositions and ideas. We are focused only about helping you to have a bigger, longer and harder sex organ. Are you among those who is not performing well on bed due to an under size penis? Then you need to make a right decision in your life right now. 

You can make your partner ecstatic with a harder and stronger penis. Every time it goes inside her vagina sheíll go wild and moan with pain and pleasure. This would obviously result in a great orgasm and ultimate climax.

By using this product you can actually learn to control your ejaculating and preserve it till you reach the climax. You can make her beg for more. It brings both of you a lot closer and helps in better bonding. It brings a positive change in your sex life. The term sexual intercourse will never be the same again. Youíll never give her an opportunity to comment on your sexual abilities.

Youíll surely enjoy the look of the face of your partner when she reaches multiple orgasms at the time of exhaustion is really amazing and both of you will enjoy the movement. If you arenít convinced then may be you need to visit the MaleEdge company official website for all the related information to make yourself assured that youíre making a right choice.
Weíve only provided a gist of the information. The benefits are many. Live your dream.

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