What Is This Page About? We Reviewed The Top 5 Penis Enlargement Devices That Are Rated By Users Worldwide

ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT YOUR PENIS SIZE AND SEXUAL PERFORMANCE? DO YOU KNOW PENIS DEVICE CAN SOLVE YOUR SMALL PENIS FOREVER? Penis devices are considered to be the most reliable and effective method to gain a larger and more appealing penis. Using patented technology, years of medical research, and drawing from ancient methods, the penis devices bring more to the table in terms of results.

Because of the growing popularity of the penis devices there are many less than quality copies floating around. Unlike the real devices, these copies will corrode and fall apart before results are achieved. The high quality penis devices are those that are certified by the proper authorities and highly trained medical professionals. That is what you will find on this site. We have worked hard for many years for researching with the help of review websites, forum threads, testimonies directly from users, and a multitude of other reliable sources to compile out top five lists only for your benefit. 

Top 5 Penis Devices Comparison Chart:


X4 Labs



U. S.


2-3 inches 2-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches
Comfort Mechanism 58 Way No No No No
Multi Angle Approach Yes No No No No
Backed By Doctors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Outstanding Excellent Good Average Average
Organisation  Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Average Average
Quality Of Products Superior Superior Good Average Average
Additional Bonuses Yes Yes No No No
Guarantee 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days
Detailed Review Read Read Read Read Read
Website Go There Go There Go There Go There Go There

* Results vary by how long you use your preferred brand of penis extender, your health, and genetic limitations.

What Benefits Can I Achieve With Penis Enlargement Devices? 

  • It helps you to be a man with wider and longer penis

  • Stronger erections 

  • Straightens your penis 

  • Enhanced sexual desire and libido 

  • Better self confidence and self esteem when it comes to sex 

List Of Most Popular Penis Extenders/Devices:

SizeGenetics - #1 Recommendation (Visit Site)

SizeGenetics is unarguably our top recommended option. It has come up with an excellent penis enlargement program that has seen success and has been the most effective program of all time when one considers penis enlargement history. (Penis Device + Penis Exercise)

We also did some research which highlighted the satisfaction of the users who used the product from SizeGenetics. The users have supported the company’s claim of 2-3 inches of permanent growth. Always getting better at customer service, SizeGenetics always finds its nose in front when compared to its competitors. It also offers the most wholesome system for penis enlargement for its clients nothing like which has ever been seen in the market and the results hold testimony to these developments. For the same reason this is our top recommended product.

X4Labs - #2 Recommendation (Visit Site)

An yet another system for Penis Enlargement can be found in X4Labs System that brings together multiple methods for the growth. This one is our second choice, right behind SizeGenetics. This system from X4Labs gives best results with its (Penis Device + Penis Exercise) combination.

Our research, which was based on very trustworthy sources, unveiled the fact that all users using X4Labs were quite in harmony with the product with 2-3 inches of permanent penis growth. The customer service is top notch too. All in all, X4Labs was and still is one of the best penis enlargement systems available as it comprises all the components required for quickly achieving enlargement goals.

ProExtender - Rated #3 By Users (Visit Site)

ProExtender System happens to be a copycat that has followed the trails of successful ventures in Penis Enlargement sector like SizeGenetics and X4Labs. The ProExtender system uses (Penis Device) for the desirable results.

We have secured the information from our reliable sources that the users are very satisfied with this product. Users of the product have reported growth of around 1-3 inches. This growth is permanent. The customer service of ProExtender is also pretty good. This makes it a good system for penis enlargement with positive results. Try this if the stock of the top two lasts out.

Vimax System - Rated #4 By Users (Visit Site)

Just as ProExtender System, Vimax too happens to be another copycat following the trails of the successful systems like X4Labs and SizeGenetics. Vimax system includes (Penis Device + Penis Exercise + Penis Pill + Sexual Enhancer) in its combination.

As per our research that took the opinions of the clients, it has appeared that the clients are fully satisfied with product and have also reported permanent growth of 1-3 inches.

Though the customer service could still improve further, even then this one is is an entirely advisable penis enlargement system with definite results if you follow all the instructions. There are obviously better options in X4Labs and SizeGenetics but Vimax have all the qualities to be an alternative option.

Ultimate Stretcher - Rated #5 By Users (Visit Site)

Ultimate Stretcher System is not very different from a range of copycats like Vimax System that have followed the course of SizeGenetics and X4Labs. This system combines the services of (Penis Device + Penis Exercise) for producing the desired effect.

As per our trusted sources, clients have taken a definite liking to this device which has seen their penis grow in permanent length by 1-3 inches much to their satisfaction. The customer service, though, still needs to be improved further.

This device is bound to work satisfactorily but while using the instructions must be followed in a strict manner. However, you must also look forward to better options available in Size Genetics and X4Labs and keep this one as an alternate choice.


This side by side comparison gives you a clearer picture of what each of the enlargement system offers and how they are rated as compared to their competitors. Each of the penis enlargement systems offers various ordering levels. Choosing between the package deals and the stand alone extender depends greatly on your own needs. We do suggest that you purchase the package deals as they allow you to save time due to faster gain. However, it can be said that the devices alone will increase the size of your penis as well. But the addition of pills, exercises programs, etc  will further increase the speed and the enhancement of the penis enlargement process as well as improve your overall sexual wellbeings. We need to emphasize that the quality of the product matters too. Although Vimax System have more product varieties compare to our top 2. Our top 2 won because of the quality of their products.

How To Avoid Getting Scam!

Although some companies claimed their penis device can enlarge penis by up to 4 inches, we need to emphasize that only a few can achieve it. Results may vary for each product but penis gains by up to 3 permanently inches is achievable. We give you realistic and honest figures so you know what to expect. We don't want to exaggerate the figures because we want to help you succeed. We don't want you to give up half-way when you can't achieve 4 inches as expected. This is never our intention.

Imagine giving the woman you love the best sex, all the time for the rest of her life. Imagine being able to penetrate deeper into her vagina, touch those nerve endings and give her a totally new experience. Your confidence and self-esteem will increase significantly. Imagine no longer having to feel ashamed, embarrassed or insecure about your penis in the changing room, the beach or the gym. Fear is no longer in your mind. You are the only one who can make this become a reality. It is up to you to make it possible and believe us that you can if you take the first step.