UNBIASED SizeGenetics Vs X4Labs Extender Review

When it comes to the best, most popular and most effective male enhancement product in the market, SizeGenetics and X4Labs extenders are certainly on top.

SizeGenetics has been in the market for over 16 years now. It is proven to be effective by various scientific studies and researches.

#1 SizeGenetics System Summary
User Rating 9.9
Results 4.8 / 5
Speed 4.7 / 5
Comfort Excellent
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Outstanding
Free Bonuses Yes
Money Back Guarantee 180 Days
Overall Rating 9.9

On the other hand, X4Labs extender is also medically backed by experts through multiple scientific studies. It is manufactured and marketed by a Canadian company. It promises to increase the length and girth of penis by up to 33%.

#2 X4Labs System Summary
User Rating 9.7
Results 4.6 / 5
Speed 4.6 / 5
Comfort Excellent
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses Yes
Money Back Guarantee 180 Days
Overall Rating 9.7


SizeGenetics and X4labs extender is pretty effective in making your penis longer and thicker. The increase will depend upon the time you wear these devices. Up to 3 inches of growth has been reported by the users along with improvement in girth as well.

Action mechanism of SizeGenetics and X4Labs extender

X4 Labs penis extender device works on a traction based principle for permanent growth. You need to wear this for a considerable amount of time. This will help in creating a natural “traction” force or pressure on the penis. The traction process leads to natural cell division or mitosis (multiplication) in the penile tissues by acting as a “stimulus”. The initial growth is slow but with time and regular usage, there will be increase in the length and girth of the penis.

SizeGenetics extender helps in putting traction force on penile tissue walls in a regular and consistent manner. This continuous pressure will lead to cell growth by penis cell multiplication. This will eventually lead to penis enlargement.


The wearing time is an important aspect for this device to work. Naturally, the time spent will be directly proportional to the results achieved. Comfort also plays a significant role in getting the best possible results.

Various inferior devices provide a silicon loop for putting on the head of the penis. This can quickly turn painful and you are unable to use the device for a long time.

However, SizeGenetics and X4Labs extender gives the option of comfort fitting so you can choose according to your comfort. X4Labs comes with a 4 comfort option while SizeGenetics offers 58 comfort options, 12 times more than the X4Labs extender.

Safety and risks of side effects

Till now, X4Labs extender users have found no side effects after regular use. There are no side effects such as rashes, pain, hemorrhages, and discomfort.

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The same goes with SizeGenetics. There are no side effects such as pain, bleeding, hypersensitivity, rashes or latex energy. New users may experience some pain initially but with time and practice, the pain and discomfort will eventually fade away.

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Post-sale services

Customer service is an important aspect for any product. The customers may have any questions or problems regarding the product. This is where customer support comes to rescue.

The X4 Labs are based in Montreal (Canada) and the customer service can be reaches on Canadian business hours.

SizeGenetics is based in the United Kingdom with offices in US as well. They offer a 24/7 customer support. So, it doesn't matter where you are from, you can contact them regarding any problems.

Money back guarantee

X4Labs offer product guarantee from 5 years to lifetime. The money back guarantee is usually six months.

Similarly, SizeGenetics provide a 6 month money refund policy.


X4Labs and SizeGenetics have more similarities than differences. Both work on a traction principle. Both are reputed and high-quality male enhancement devices. They are recommended by health experts and medically verified through various studies.

SizeGenetics may be a bit costly but it also offers discounts and bonuses. It helps in getting the desired penis size. It is certainly hard to choose the better one from them but you can pick anyone according to your needs, budget and understanding.